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About Album

Interspersed with joking nonsense, we have conversations with people who have bucked the trend, not conformed to the social pressure (whatever they might culturally be) and who believe that following their own path in spite of the haters actually leads to something that can get them what they want.

In a world that always seems to have a plan for us, we can end up swept away in the wave of the mass transit that is life.
Don’t have the right clothes – strike
Don’t have the right interests – strike
Didn’t get the right grades, job, promotion, raise, girl, house, car … life steeeerikke

At what point is it ok just to be ok with who, where and what we are?

I just want to do my thing, walk my path and and ideally supported for it. At the very least not resented, rejected or criticized for it.

It’s fashionable, it’s what everyone’s doing
It’s cool to say that you have a startup
It’s cools to say that you own your own business, but what does that actually mean to you?